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AVIVA Insurance - Broker Insight Centre

Technology is impacting the insurance industry and how they do business. In an effort to build the AVIVA brand presence among associated brokers, AVIVA took the initiative of sharing valuable insights with brokers on the buying behaviour of their customers that will affect how the insurance industry and the brokers will evolve in working together.

AVIVA had conducted a number of surveys to gather research around attitudes and habits of Canadian consumers on their preferences when it comes to buying and renewing their personal Home and Auto Insurance. Past methods to distribute the finding were not effective and lacked engagement so they needed a new way to best present this information to their broker network.


The recommendation was to build a micro-site with engaging and downloadable content. The introduction of the AVIVA Broker Insight Centre was developed to provide brokers exclusive research data distilled in a consumable nuggets to help them evolve their business. Refreshed every quarter, the AVIVA Broker Insight Centre would be a key resource for brokers to learn from and adapt the way they connect with their customers.

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