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Electrolux - Electronic Rebate Program

A key tactic in the home appliance category is mail-in rebates. These rebates are distributed at store level by sales personnel, and are believed to influence consumers’ brand selection. Rebates also cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars to execute. Electrolux was becoming disappointed with the effectiveness of their rebate program and tasked MHz to explore alternative ways to breath life into it.

MHz reviewed the situation, and determined that delivering the rebates to targeted consumers prior to them visiting retail would provide a significant advantage. It was further determined that this could be done through the use of email delivered to a carefully segmented mailing list.


The program was a success. Over 500 people took advantage of the website based rebates, vs a break-even objective of 350. Leading up to this were higher than benchmarked open and click-through rates. The program was also recognized with two high profile marketing awards (DPAC and Marketing Sherpa).

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