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Rhodes & Williams Insurance - Marketing Automation

Rhodes & Williams’ customer service is delivered primarily through relationship-building methods like face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and referrals. Although customer and prospect data is collected and secured in the broker management system, the ability to seamlessly leverage this data to communicate with their customers and prospects was haphazard at best. Rhodes & Williams chose MHz to help digitally transform the way they communicated with their contacts and produce a stronger customer acquisition and retention program through the digital channel.


Both Acquisition and Retention programs yielded outstanding results, surpassing industry benchmarks for open and click rates. The data shows the effectiveness of marketing automation through the positive response garnered from customers and prospects. Overarching result of the program was that for the first time Rhodes & Williams customer service representatives could personally communicate with thousands of customers and prospects efficiently and effectively through marketing automation allowing the brokerage to focus on building their business.

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